Why Tianjin?

The Future of Cities Forum 2016 was held in Tianjin (Binhai New Area), a coastal city one hour away from the capital Beijing, full of history, culture and host of many eco-city pilot developments. Tianjin is also the permanent host city of the World Economic Forum also known as the Summer Davos Forum.

As the new growth pole of China’s economy, Tianjin Binhai New Area undertakes an important historic mission of building a liveable green new city which strives to become a pioneer in scientific development within the area of green technologies. In recent years, the Binhai New Area has adhered to the principle of "ecological benefit first", it has founded the SSTEC (Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd.) to establish an Eco-city index system and has developed a high-end industrial system which has the green industry at its core. The entire region is a focal point for the development of technologies, policies, markets and personnel to promote the eco-city development and the construction of sustainable urban settlements.

Cities in China

Transforming cities into regenerative systems is a huge challenge. This is especially true in China, where most of the world's biggest cities are faced with pollution problems and the issues of urbanisation, sustainable resource use and environmental protection are at the top of the political agenda. The 4th Future of Cities Forum in Munich in 2014 showed that the concept of regenerative cities can be a path-breaking solution for China considering its rapid urbanisation. In June 2015 the World Future Council Commission on Climate and Energy launched a 5-years programme on Regenerative Urban Development in China by opening an office in Beijing. The Future of City Forum in Beijing and Tianjin in September 2015 was the first launching platform of our work in China and was the first opportunity to allow worldwide experts and stakeholders to discuss policy solutions for the creation of Regenerative Cities in China.

Tianjin International Eco-city Forum & Expo 2016

The Future of Cities Forum 2016 was organized in association with the Tianjin Eco-City Forum & Expo, one of the most significant city forums in China, held on September 21-22 Ocotber 2016 in Tianjin.

The Tianjin Eco-City Forum & Expo is organized by Tianjin Binhai New Area People’s Government and sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and China Center for International Economic Exchanges. China International Eco-city Forum & Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Eco-city Forum) is one the three key eco-forums approved by the national government of China.

The Future of Cities Forum 2016 was held as an official sub-forum of the 7th China (Binhai Tianjin) International Eco-City Forum & Expo which is China’s first large and comprehensive expo focused on eco-city development. Since 2010, it has been successfully held five times, and it has become the most important communication and cooperation platform of China’s eco-city construction. More than 10,000 government officials, renowned scholars and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries and districts have participated in this event, and more than 350 thousand people have visited it in person. The 7th China (Binhai Tianjin) International Eco-City Forum & Expo sets “Eco-City Creates Harmonious Future” as its permanent theme, and “Eco-City and Green Innovation” as its annual theme. About 800 participants from all over the world gathered at the Forum, including government officials, academy, research institutions, UN representatives, civil societies, entrepreneurs, and media from China and from abroad.

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