Pictures are available at the link below:

Pictures from the Future of Cities Forum 2016 in Tianjin, China


Future of Cities Forum 2016 Agenda
Future of Cities Forum 2016 Agenda Chinese)
2016 Review and Outcome at the Future of Cities Forum China
Presentations given at the conference are available here:
1. Kees van Leeuwen - Sponge Cities & City Blueprint Approach
2. Chris Crompton - Implementation of Low Impact Development in Orange County, California
3. Shan Jianhong - The Combination of PPP Practices and Challenges
4. Xie Yingxia - Integrated Management of Water Based on the Concept of Sponge City
5. Kathy Yin - Introduction on International Typical Incentives in Stormwater Management
6. Yang Yansheng - Zhejiang Sponge City
7. Jurgen Kunzemann - Ecological Transformation of Putuo District in Shanghai
8. Ad Jeuken - Methods and Tools for City and Water Planning Under Uncertainty
9. Stephan Brandligt - City of Delft Netherlands
10. Young Choi - Restoring Sustainable Urban Water Cycle
11. Zhao Jiang - Sponge City Construction Practice and Case Study
12. Florian Zimmerman- Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles applied in Tianjin Cultural Park
13. Li Yuanguo - Dramatic Examples of Livable Sponge Cities in Changde State

Past reports

Links to the past Future of Cities Forum reports on Regenerative Urban Development can be found below.


Regenerative Cities in China: A Roadmap for a Better Urban Future

Outcome report of the Future of Cities 2015 in Beijing and Tianjin.

Download the report below:

In English

In Chinese


Regenerative urban development: a roadmap to the city we need

The road to regenerative urban development begins with a switch in our thinking so that by-products conventionally considered ‘waste’ can be reframed and reused as resource inputs. This bilingual report, in Chinese and English, highlights our commons challenges and aims to showcase best practices to feed the dialogue about the Future of cities.

Download the report here


Imagine a Regenerative City

This report highlights six key recommendations on how to enable a local regenerative transition. It paints the vision of a regenerative city and outlines the building blocks we need to get there. The report summarises the expert debates arising from the Future of Cities Forum 2014.

Download the report here


A Roadmap to the City We Need

This report draws on the rich discussions at the 3rd Future of Cities Forum surrounding the vision of regenerative cities. It looks at a selection of the case studies presented at the Forum to outline the value creation resulting from regenerative urban development, the obstacles in the way of progress, and tools to help overcome those challenges.

Download the report here


Towards Regenerative Cities

The planning of new cities as well as the retrofitting of existing ones needs to undergo a profound paradigm shift. The urban metabolism must be transformed from its current operation as an inefficient and wasteful linear input-output system into a resource-efficient and regenerative, circular system. This report is about operationalising and implementing the concept of regenerative cities, first outlined in the World Future Council’s 2010 report ‘Regenerative Cities’.

Download the report here

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