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Future of Cities Forum 2013

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In September 2013, 150 mayors, city planners, scientists, and representatives of civil society and the private sector came together in Hamburg and debated the key challenges and opportunities, focusing on strategies to develop and implement a cross-sectoral approach that balances pressing ecological needs with economic demands. The rich discussions over the three-day Forum resulted in the new report 'Regenerative Urban Development: A roadmap to the city we need'.

Final participant list

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Wednesday, 4 September

Evening Reception - Michael Braungart

Thursday, 5 September

Opening Ceremony - Herbert Girardet
Energy session - Ashok Khosla
Water session - Kees van Leeuwen
Food and Agriculture session - Cecilia Rocha
Food and Agriculture session - Miguel Salcines
Transport and Mobility session - Peter Choong-Yeol Ye
Waste Management session - Mette Skovbjerg
Waste Management session - Enzo Favoino
Waste Management session - Kazunobu Onogawa
Energy Efficiency session - Mili Majumdar
Energy Efficiency session - Ernst Weizsaecker
Energy Efficiency session - Ray Galvin
Plenary - Session summary report

Friday, 6 September

Opening session - Flemming Borreskov
Opening session - Jan Gehl
Spatial Planning session - Fatima Shah
Social Inclusion session - Luis Fragomeni
Investments session - Rainer Scheppelmann
Plenary - Session summary report

Photo gallery

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