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The Future of Cities Forum 2012 was held in Dubai, UAE.

What are the main environmental problems associated with urban development in the Gulf region? What are the rate limiting factors on futureproofing urban development there? What are the technical challenges and opportunities? What are the lessons to be learned from cities that have already embarked on regenerative development? How will it affect urban design and management? What is the role of municipalities, national governments and the private sector? Which institutional and political frameworks are best suited for regenerative urban development? This range of issues was discussed at the Dubai ‘Expert Hearing on Regenerative Urbanisation’ organised by the World Future Council.

Please download the summary of the expert hearing here. For the full report "Future of Gulf Cities" please click here: English or Arabic.

"It was an enriching experience; I had the chance to learn from peers on the other side of the world and get new motivating ideas for my work here in Quito. I hope we have the chance to do something similar in Latin America sometimein the near future."
- Carolina Zambrano-Barragan, Quito, Ecuador

"Thanks - it was a pleasure to be with you and I learnt a lot!"
- Delia Meth-Cohn, Economist Intelligence Unit

"Thanks for a most enjoyable and illuminating event."
- Jeff Kenworthy, Sustainability Policy Institute, Curtin University

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