Thank you for making the Future of Cities Forum 2013 such a success.

The Forum was held on 4-7 September, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany.

A wide range of technical and management solutions for regenerative urban development are already available. The Forum brought together 150 mayors, city planners, scientists, and representatives of civil society and the private sector to discuss key challenges and opportunities, focusing on strategies to develop and implement a cross-sectoral approach that balances pressing ecological needs with economic demands.

This invitation-only event was organised by the World Future Council.



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Olaf Scholz

As the European Green Capital 2011 and the place of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) 2013, Hamburg aims to serve as a role model for other European cities. At the same time, we understand Hamburg to be a 'learning city' that constantly seeks to innovate itself and learns from best practices in other cities of the world. We are therefore delighted to partner with this year's Future of Cities Forum in order to discuss strategies and cross-sectoral approaches to balancing pressing ecological needs with economic demands.

Welcome to Hamburg!

Olaf Scholz
First Mayor
City of Hamburg


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